Causes of anxiety

  Nowadays, our daily routines are becoming more and more hectic, making anxiety a constant presence. 
  The causes of anxiety are numerous. First of all, people work long hours striving to meet strict deadlines, so they end up being at work for many hours, which make it imposible for them to relax. Furthermore, people are finding increasingly hard to get by, so that they cut down their daily expences and they reduce their quality of life. Another important factor that causes anxiety is the low self esteem, whice leads people to doubt about themselves, so they experience difficult times, when for example they should a difficult task or get a challenging decision. Last, but far from least, an increasing number of people is concerned about the future, as due to economic crisis they are in fear of becoming unemployed or bankrupt.
 All in all, the causes of anxiety should be taken into severe consideration and people should deal with it so as to lead healthier and more meaningful lives.

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